Around the World in 13 Minutes

Part 1 – Dublin to Colombia

Part 2 – China to Dublin


Jumping for Joy


Blackrock- Ireland

Below are the guidelines for a circumnavigation of the globe by bike set by Guinness.  We’ve been sticking to them since Nov 08 and have ticked all off the list but one- the journey must start and finish at the same point. We’ll do this Tomorrow, why don’t you join us?

– Start and finish points must be the same location.

– The route must pass through two approximate antipodal points.

– The minimum distance ridden should be 28,970 km and the total distance traveled by the bicycle and rider should exceed an Equator’s length, i.e. more than 40,075 km.

– Cross the equator a minimum of two times.

– Cross all longitudes.

– The journey should be continuous and in one direction.

– Any considerable distance traveled opposite to the direction of the attempt must be discounted from any calculations of the overall distance traveled.

– A detailed photographic record of landmarks, boundary signs, etc., en route should be kept.

Raffle Prizes Just In….

KTM Bazdard BMX


Dunleer – Ireland

We’ve just received a couple of exciting deliveries which we’ll be raffling off during this Saturdays Homecoming Party.

Firstly, we have to say a big thank you to Damian from Freewheel who dropped down a tasty KTM Bazdard BMX, worth 350 euro!! Being a KTM, you’ll already know it’s top quality, our bikes have now done 30,000km and are still going strong. The bike comes with 20″ wheels with street tyres, a full set of pegs for doing grinds (or giving backers) and a giro for doing handlebar spins or tailwhips, if you feel inclined to do some crazy tricks that is.

Galaxy 400 Tent

We also have a 4 man Galaxy 400 tent, kindly donated by the excellent Great Outdoors outdoor store in Dublin. The tent has a porch and two separate rooms with enough headroom to stand in, perfect for a weekends camping with a few mates, check out the 3D walkthrough of the tent here.

To be in with a chance of winning one of these great prizes, you’ll have to be at our Homecoming Party, so come along and join in, all proceeds will go directly to AWARE.


Best, Worsts etc…

Suusamyr - Too mountains


Stranraer – Scotland

Best Day’s Cycling – Crossing the Ala Bel Pass in Kyrgyzstan, snow capped mountains, glistening rivers and lakes and golden eagles soaring overhead, spectacular.

Worst Day’s Cycling – Turkmenistan, the push to the Iranian border. On the last day of my 5 day transit visa, I had 120 km to do before the border closed at 4pm, but with the powerful headwind, I could only manage about 15km/hr which was barely enough time to make it. I gave myself a 50/50 chance and pushed as hard as I could…and just made it!

Best Moment – skinny dipping in a freezing mountain river in Kyrgyzstan, at the end of my best day’s cycling, pure freedom. 

Worst Moment – Lying in the middle of a 4 lane road in Uzbekistan after doing a superman over the bonnet of a car.

Best Roads – Austria

Worst Roads – Bolivia

Best Drivers – Austrians

Worst Drivers – Uzbeks (see above)

Best Food – Italy

Worst Food – Bolivia

Best (hottest) Girls – Kyrgyzstan

Worst Girls – China

and more….

Most Friendly People – Iranians

Least Friendly People – Armenians

Toughest Climb – up to the Meghri pass in Southern Armenia, very steep.

Longest Climb – Peru, the road from Abancay to Nazca, 2 days of non stop ascending.

Funniest Animal – A Peruvian dog wearing an orange long sleeve jumper, the sleeves were dragging behind the poor thing, but it was hilarious!

Best Cycling food – Iranian Dizzy

Most Beautiful Country – Kyrgyzstan

Most Spectacular Scenery – Bolivia, wierd landscapes, salt lakes, sandy deserts, volcanoes etc…

Do you have any more, bests/ worsts for us, add your questions in the comments box below, cheers.