Every journey starts with a single step.

So, what began on rainy night in temple bar with a conversation fueled by a few to many Guinness’s about cycling around the world with Si, progressed to many phone “3 way” conversations about Logos, Branding and Concepts with Paul and Si, then developed into a myriad of chats with enthusiastic friends and family members all dispensing sage-like advice on matters pertaining to their specific area of expertise, and recently has included the entire Wickow County thanks to an article in the Wicklow Times, is finally beginning to take shape.

The website, which will is the cornerstone of the revolution concept- of two friends trying something bigger than they have ever attempted before and in the process highlighting climate change and raising funds for A.W.A.R.E- is FINALLY (almost) up and running.

It’d be great to say that we’ve arrived, to feel like we have reached some milestone, that we should clap each other on the back and pop a bottle of something with bubbles in. But really, this is only the beginning, the very first step that every journey starts with.

And that, I suppose, is a minor achievement of sorts.

vive la revolution


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