The best laid plans of mice and men.

With just 3 days left til my departure it seems like there is still a mountain of stuff still left to do. Even though we have been planning our Egyptian cycle from Aswan to Alexandria for the last 4 months, so that we would have everything organised neatly packed and ready to go with lots of time for goodbyes and maybe a few farewell pints. It is looking like it will end up being a “just in time” operation.

We still have no word yet from the Egyptian embassy, on whether or not they will allow us to take our intended route along the banks of the Nile. There has been some suggestion of an alternate route along the Red Sea coast- which is likely to add another 400kms- which we are not very enthusiastic about. This has been suggested as the embassy fears that it cannot guarantee our safety.

We also have been unable to find out if the flight from Cairo to Aswan takes bicycles or not. So potentially we may have to cycle to Aswan then cycle back to Alexandria- note, that was a joke.

Seriously though, we called this expedition the Dry Run as it was supposed to provide us with a taste of what the preparations for, and the execution of, a long distance bike ride in a “foreign” place entails. Its supposed to be a “dry run” for the bicycle expedition around the world. And, if it any indicator of things to come we will need to start organising our travel arrangements and visas well in advance.



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