on the road to Edfu-day 1

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on the road- to edfu 3, originally uploaded by new_dles.

Day 1:
Aswan to Edfu
Distance: 120km
Start Time: 5.00am
Finish Time: 11.30am
Narrative: Left with slight trepidation re police check points, the movements of tourists has been strictly curtailed due to several terrorist attacks since 1997, met our first one within 3km of Aswan and was detained for a nervous 15 minutes while they radioed head office to see if we could be permitted passage, then we were waved on our way. This was repeated 3 more times throughout the day. Reached Edfu in the nick of time as the temp was creeping up to the high thirties and we were running low on water- incidentally Simon worked out today that we consume around twelve litres each per day.


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