Ice cold in Alexandria- worth waiting for.

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Fort Qaitby-Alexandria, originally uploaded by new_dles.

Day 11

Tanta to Alexandria

Distance: 150km

Start Time: 9.00am
Finish Time: 7.00am

Narrative: Today we reached our destination- the original site of the ancient Pharos Light House, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. We chose this as our destination to pay homage to a Greek mathematician Eratosthenes who lived here in 3BC and was the first person to calculate the size of the Earth.

The road was good, our mood lightened somewhat by the knowledge that our destination meant a bottle of warm champagne (mmmm), cold beer, a proper bed, and best of all, no alarm clock. Tomorrow there would be no 4.30am wake up call by the nearby mosque’s muezzin, and breakfast wouldn’t be dried bread and beans on the side of the road.

We have achieved, albeit with not exactly as had originally planned, what we had set out to do. We set out to cycle from Aswan to Alexandria, to try and replicate the conditions and stresses that we will experience on our attempt to circumnavigate the globe by bike and boat next year. We learned a lot- about our bikes, each other and ourselves. We learned that we don’t like deserts. We learned that Simon likes stewed fava beans and Fearghal likes Nimbus tyres. We learned that the recommendations from the staff at the Great Outdoors are to be taken seriously, as we would have been lost without the Julbo sunglasses and Petzl headlamps which came highly recommended(more about the equipment that we used on the Dry Run will be found on the Dry Run page- coming soon). We learned that Patagonia make some seriously good apparel- stylish, and technically efficient too.

Most of all we learned that we could work as a team and have the potential to pull through some hairy, patience trying, grim and stressful situations. We learned that if we focus, do a lot more planning and get a lot more organized then maybe, just maybe, there is a very real possibility that we can realize our childhood dreams and circumnavigate the world by bicycle and boat.


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