The Similarities Between Businesses and Expeditions

Paul Deegan’s blog has an interesting article on the similarities and differences between expeditions and commercial entities. The two are very similar in many ways. Both require a clear goal and a plan to achieve that goal, and both require a team of committed individuals working together with a common purpose. A successful expedition is usually one that achieves a number of targets such as raising money for charity, accomplishing a physical feat or first, or highlighting a cause. In the current climate of not for profit organisations and ostensibly benevolent corporate projects many commercial entities also have various goals in their mission statements.

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In the article Nick Smith also suggests “5 things that businesses can absorb from expeditions” and visa versa. From the outset revolution was treated like a business project, from the creation of the brand identity and logo to the consideration of media exposure and saleability. This we felt was the best way to ensure our success. So it’s interesting to read, three years later, one of the most respected “explorers” echoing a similar sentiment.

To see the article in full click here


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