Long Way Down

The footage of the Nile, the Eastern Arabian Desert and the Pyramids at Giza in last Sunday’s episode had me excitedly reliving my Egyptian exploits from the living room couch-annoying to my house-mate Dave with stories that he’d already heard countless times before.

Charley and Ewen’s expeditions(long way down & long way round) are pretty much the antithesis of the “revolution” project. We won’t have a seven strong support crew, camera men, folding tables and chairs at camp and local fixers in every country we pass through. Instead we will be wandering lonely as clouds, no support vehicles, just two mates on an adventure. Traveling light, uninsulated from the people and places that we encounter, living our boyhood dreams of exploring far off lands.

That said, we won’t have the added problems and pressures of a tight schedule, and thousands of Euro’s worth of camera equipment. And we certainly won’t have the benefits and hassles that celebrity status brings.

Incidentally, the distance that they covered in one day, from Cairo to Aswan, took us 7 days of cycling. Seven days of slogging through dust and desert in “liberating Lycra” vs one day in a sweaty leathers. It might sound crazy, but I’d choose to cycle any day.

The Long Way Down makes for interesting exciting viewing all the same. Vicarious adventure at its finest, all from the comfort and safety of your couch. Next Sunday’s episode should have some good shots of some spectacular landscape in Ethiopia and Kenya so its worth tuning in to BBC at 9. If you can tear yourself away from “Celebrity Scissorhands”, that is.


One thought on “Long Way Down

  1. Hi Ferg,

    after watching the above programme I realize what you and Simon have achieved. You could nearly smell the dust and the desert looked a very lonely place to be well done on what you have done so far and hold on to that dream life goes so fast see you soon

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