Scouting Ireland

I’ve just come across this little video by Scouting Ireland on the Geared Up Blog.

Both Myself and Si were in the 1st Wicklow troop when we were nippers, and we’ve many fond memories of camping and hiking around the Wicklow mountains as a result. Its a great organisation for kids to get involved in, and it taught us a lot of useful outdoors skills and lessons about the inmportance of planning, preparation and self belief. Mini Expeditions to Loch Dan and The Sugar Loaf, when we were twelve, sowed the seeds for our future plans to circumnavigate the globe by bike today.

Something like scouting, with its emphasis on personal development and environmental awareness, is especially important for youngsters today, in the light of rising childhood obesity levels due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles. You don’t have to be a paediatrician to see that its healthier to be tramping and camping out in the wilds with your mates than sitting inside playing video games on your own.


One thought on “Scouting Ireland

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