“Explore” at the Royal Geographic Society



  Myself and Simon spent the weekend in London at the annual Explore conference held by the Royal Geographical Society. Its pretty much “The” place to go for advice on planning an expedition.Aside from the practical lectures on PR, Leadership, First Aid, Navigation, etc, which were all presented by lively enthusiastic and experienced experts in their fields.We also had a chance to pick the brains of some pretty inspirational characters.Such as Paul Deegan the Everest conqueror and motivating adventurer. The affable Ben Saunders who’s refreshingly modest and self effacing but energetic talk of his experiences at the North Pole would challenge even the most pessimistic and lethargic of couch potatoes to resist his call to adventure.In the historic lecture hall, its walls infused with the words of totemic adventurers of past and present; Ranulph Fiennes, Shackleton, Livingstone and more,  we were gripped by Stevie Smith and Jason Lewis’s recounting of the first human powered circumnavigation of the globe.Best of all though, we got to meet Alastair Humphreys, a bit of a hero of mine who’s blog I used to read when first toying with the idea of dropping everything to cycle around the world back in 2005. He spent 4 years cycling the length of Africa and the Americas and the width of Eurasia- 46,000 miles in total.  As most successful expeditions visited Explore before setting off, we are now in good company. And feel that if they can do it there is no real reason why we can’t too. To anyone even vaguely considering something adventurous I’d highly recommend a trip to the hallowed halls of the R.G.S next Autumn-by which time we should be on our way to southern Spain to catch a Freighter to Buenos Aries.             


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