Its January and all I want to do is sit inside, drink tea and eat cake.

Its a chilly Sunday evening in January, and I’m trying to rouse  myself out of that bear-like inclination to sleep until at least mid February. I know I should be excited about training for all of the ambitious events that we’ve got planned for the summer. And I know that I’m definitely going to have to put in some proper miles if I’m to avoid another painful experience at the Cork Marathon next June- last year I had to walk the last 8 miles and finished in a less than impressive time of 4hrs 5mins. But it seems that my couch and bed just keep drawing me to them with a near magnetic force. I think I must have used most of the excuses in this video from Ben Saunders‘ site, since xmas. This time next Sunday we’ll hopefully be finished our 3hr canter around a 9 mile assault course in Wolverhampton(see the video below). I just hope our lack of training doesn’t show too much.         


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