The Last Place on Earth

What are the last true outposts on our planet?

In an era when every nook and cranny seems to be mapped, every landscape and culture accounted for its refreshing to hear that there are still ends of the earth to be explored and experienced, or to be left alone and untouched.

“New Scientist set out to discover the Last Places on Earth.Pleasingly, there were plenty to choose from: unclimbed mountains, unexplored caves, unmapped deserts, tribes untouched by the outside world and islands where alien species have yet to invade. We also discovered the last place dinosaurs roamed, the last place to make radio contact with the rest of the world – and very many more. So join us on our grand tour of the planet’s most unknown, pristine or downright extraordinary locations…”,61.875&spn=71.765369,166.992188&z=2&output=embedView Larger Map

courtesy of Al Humphreys


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