Countdown Begins

Revolution HQ


Revolution Countdown, 126 days to lift off and the search for title sponsorship continues.

As the build up to our departure continues we’re beavering away here at a feverish pace. Currently our time is split between; updating the website, plotting lines on maps, putting in the miles in the saddle, trail running on Bray Head, talking to potential sponsors, courting journalists, researching visa’s, drinking coffee, planning our fundraising gala dinner and charity cycle, researching gear and contacting suppliers. As you might imagine things are pretty hectic right now. We recently got our cards and lovely brochures from RuonPrint and have spent the last few weeks sending these out to sponsors.

Things are coming along well, we’re currently talking to several companies regarding title sponsorship. I can’t mention any names yet as its still early days.

Denis from Adept Advertising has been helping us navigate through the strange land of corporate sponsorship, without his help we would, no doubt, have lost our way a long time ago.


We had lunch with Sarah from Patagonia, our clothing supplier, last week. It was a bit like Christmas morning as she showed us some of the lovely Patagonia gear that will be keeping us warm, cool, dry and modest for our 16 month voyage.

We’re spending a lot of time thinking about brand values and alignment these days. But both of us are chomping at the bit to get back to the simplicity of cycling our bikes long distances.


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