New Site Unveiled

Welcome to our brand new site. It has taken hours of Skype conversations, hundreds of emails and plenty of sleepless nights to complete, and now it’s finally here. This will be our main outlet during our expedition and I hope you’ll stay tuned to follow our progress.

revolution screenshots

So what’s new?

Starting from the top, we’ve got a flash banner with our favourite photos that we’ll be updating throughout the expedition. The Flickr badge on the side of each page shows random photos so hopefully you’ll find something of interest and if you do, you can enlarge it by clicking the photo. Alternatively, you can view our flickr slideshow that’ll scroll though our photo album.

I discovered the great Vimeo widget during a late night epiphany that got me out of bed and back onto my computer. Our video diaries will be posted here and you can even enlarge it by clicking the “supersize me” button.

The Google map at the top of our route page is where you’ll be able to follow our expedition as it progresses. The satellite tracker will plot our position on this map daily, whether we’re in deserts, mountains, forests or cities.

Check out what kit we’re using on our equipment page and, if you see anything you fancy for yourself you can click our sponsors logo and you’ll be sent straight to their site.

We’ve got plenty more plans for the site in the pipeline and lots more events and challenges coming up, all finishing of course with our round the world expedition.

It’s going to be a great adventure!


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