Inner Space

We had our first meeting with Kate Kirby our sports psychologist this morning. Kate will be helping us prepare for the stresses and pressures of being on the road together for a year and a half. Focusing on individual goal setting and working together as a team.

For me two interesting things arose from our chat. Firstly, that both myself and Simon’s answers to the questions “why?” and “what do you hope to acheive?” were very similar which is reassuring. And, the fact that both of us feel that the biggest challenge will be dealing with the lack of craic and banter in the down-time away from the bikes, it will be hard to let off steam and take our mind off the project in some of the remotest places on Earth with little to distract us from the task. It will be hard to talk out a days frustrations with each other when we’ve both been doing the same task. And obviously there won’t be anyone else to help. We both agreed that the blog will probably end up as the repository for our outbursts and elation’s.

The last point really brought home the importance of talking, and how important it is to talk about frustrations and pressures to help with stress and mood. It also reminded me how important Aware’s work is getting people to talk. As our mood depends heavily on how well we can communicate and deal with our emotions.


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