Explore 2008- You’ll Never Know Unless You Go

Explore 2008

 Ferg and I at the Royal Geographic Society


Thinking of organising an expedition? Not sure where to start? Don’t know your press releases from your promotional brochures? Not feeling particularly confident about GPS and communications equipment let alone field first aid? Need inspiration, motivation and maybe a bit of education?

Then you’re in the same boat that we were this time last year before we went to the Explore conference in the Royal Geographical Society. It was an eye opening experience. Three days spent listening to the impressive feats of the guest speakers, most notable of whom were Stevie Smith and Jason Lewis, and the encouraging words of Paul Deegan and Ben Saunders, helped us dream big. The workshops on photography, communications etc in between showed us how to make those dreams happen.

The line up for 2008 has just been announced and places are filling up fast. So stop making excuses, book a Ryanair flight, get inspired next November- and realise that the world is your oyster, we did : )

Here’s a video shot at last years conference to whet the appetite. 



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