Free Wheel

Its funny how things can turn around, how at some point things go from not so good to bloody great. There’s an intangible time/place when the scales start to weigh in your favour. When sign shifts from negative to neutral and then eventually to positive.

There were times when I thought that we weren’t even going to make the starting line, that our lofty goal of a circumnavigation by bicycle, and a mini aspiration of blogging regularly en route using solar powered mobile communications and a satellite phone, were foolhardy and naive. It seemed that no-one was going to give us that little bit of support that we needed. That little push that would get us rolling.

We spent the summer trying hard to open doors, prying at cracks, cold calling, pitching to disinterested and unimaginative marketing managers, and tossing ideas to one another. By early August it wasn’t looking particularly promising. It felt like we were pushing up a very steep hill in the hardest gear and not making any ground.

Slowly, bit by bit, things began to happen. The uphill began to ease, and flatten, and then finally to begin to head downhill -and so we picked up momentum. And now, it seems, that we’ve almost gotten enough speed to reach the starting line.

That’s not to say that we’l be free wheeling from here on in, merely that as we build up momentum it becomes easier to get up those hills. That the first challenge, getting the expedition rolling is being overcome- and that at least is cause for a bit of celebration.


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