it begins


What a day!! For the last few years I’ve imagined how it would feel to begin cycling around the world. Would I feel sad about leaving my family and friends? Happy to begin an amazing adventure? Scared about all the dangers that lie ahead? Well, so far I’ve felt the first two, often switching emotions in a split second. When we rolled down from the Happy Pear I was elated, then immediately burst into tears.

Things settled down though once I got into the cycle to Wicklow where spent the first night of our expedition, overlooking the sea. We swiftly set up camp and set into cooking some grub, chopping veg and chorizo sausage for a good oul broth. As Ferg went to light the stove he burst into laughter. With all the fancy satellite phones, clothing and multifuel stoves, we had forgotten to bring the matches!

The following day began following the gorgeous coast road past Brittas Bay, through Enniscorthy then to New Ross, 105km down the road. The bikes felt good despite carrying so much weight, although my bum was a bit sore as I haven’t been on a bike since September!

After a chilly start in New Ross, we pedalled through the rolling Wexford hills past road works and barking dogs to the charming coastal town of Dungarvan. We’re about to get a big feed to satisfy our hunger after another day of pedalling, excellent.

Simons tune of the day – The Killers – Indie Rock and Roll

Fearghals tune of the day – LCD sound system – Get Innocuous

Day 1 – Distance 75km; average speed 20km/h; max speed 30km/h
Day 2 – Distance 105km; average speed 21km/h; max speed 40km/h
Day 3 – Distance 74km; average speed 22.7km/h; max speed 55km/h


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