November Rain


It might sound odd, but yesterday’s stormy weather was a welcome change. We
spent 3 hours in a bitter storm on the road to Rosslare.
There was something about the driving rain that made the trip feel real
again, that helped wash away the residual stresses of all the planning and
preparations of the last few months.

Arching forward with a furrowed brow to stop the rain stinging my eyes,
bracing myself with smarting cheeks and shuddering as icy November rain
trickled down the small of my back, was just what the doctor ordered. A
reminder of what this trip is all about; getting outside the comfort zone
and testing one’s resolve. That is not to say that the conditions were
particularly challenging or testing rather that they provided a little
taster of the road ahead and it tasted good!

We’re currently waiting to board the ferry in Rosslare after a delivery of
two very very tasty “KTM Race Action” bikes. Expect photos of the bikes in

We’ll be talking a few days r&r in France to get our comms equipment dialled
so that we don’t have to post from awkward little kiosks like I am
presently, so if the map on the route page doesn’t move too much its all
part of the plan.


One thought on “November Rain

  1. Good Evening Fearghaill& Simon.Hope the Trip goes well for you, Hope you brought a few Inner Tubes and Plenty of Patches and Adhesive. It is terrible when in the middle of nowhere and you forgot to bring the Puncture Kit. Why are you changing your Bicycles, it is mentioned you took delivery of two new Bikes. I was looking at the Average Speeds you did the other Day and I am impressed by them. I can usually only manage 16 kph – 20 kph average and if lucky on a good Road maybe 30 kph the very odd occasion unless I am going downhill then it is 44-47kph Wheeeeee. I was in Waterford in the Little Village of Annestown 10 Years ago touring on my Mountain Bike and there is a very steep Hill through the Village ,and I just had time to say Hello to an Old Woman sitting outside Her Cottage as I Roared down the Hill. I gave Her a good Laugh it made Her Day . I nearly did not make it to Safety at the Bottom of the Hill . I must have been doing 60 Mph, but the Feeling was Great Yehaa. I wish I was over in France love the Country. Good Luck Jack.

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