Week 2 Cherbourg


This is the first blog typed on a funky keyboard, admittedly the letters are still of the latin variety, no cyrillic or farsi just yet, but its still odd. I keep hitting q instead of a and forget semi colon s- I have no idea? So please forgive the spelling and grammatical mistakes.

It seems like we have been here in Cherbourg for ages as we are dying to give our new KTM bikes a proper test ride, mine has done a mere 10km. Yesterday was a public holiday, for Rembemberance Day so we had little to do but roam the streets looking for a cafe that was open, and wait until this morning to get the few bits and pieces for the bikes that we need to get on our way.

We are leaving now (3pm), and expect to camp somewhere 50km south. As we have not got a map yet we are not sure exactly where. It is suffice to say that as long as it is south west of here at least we are going in the right direction. 

To view some of the photos qand videos from the first week on the road see our flickr set



4 thoughts on “Cherbourg

  1. Hi Fearghal and Simon, great to get some news of the world’s most intrepid cyclists! nice to see you’re enjoying some French cuisine, all good for carbo loading. It was great to meet you in Cork, the presentation at Blackrock Castle was inspiring, and i enjoyed being able to cylce back to the city with you.

    We bike nerds will be keen to hear about the bikes, but in the meantime, talking about food is the next best thing. A propos, does your route take you through Paris? If so, here are a few tips for eating well for reasonable outlay in that wonderful city (chez Papa is a must!):

    Le Baron Rouge, 1 rue Theophil Roussel, near Bastille, is the best Wine bar in town, near Place d’Aligre, metro Ledru Rollin

    Cafe de l’Industrie, 16 rue St Sabin, also near Bastille, is a good mixture of bar & restaurant with trendy staff

    Le Leche Vin, 13 rue Daval, near Bastille, is a must for collectors of religious iconography

    Cafe Charbon, rue Oberkampf, definitely the hippest bar in town, great food too

    Chartiers, rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 9th arrondissment, Metro Rue Montmartre (great place for good value + bustling atmosphere, you will not believe the prices.

    Chez Papa, 206 rue La Fayette, metro Louis Blanc. Not far from Gare du Nord. Best value in town, country cooking, large helpings, boisterous atmosphere.

    Bonne route et bon appetit!

    Fergal Carton

  2. Hi Fearghal and Simon.Thats a very interesting Name on that Shop in Cherbourg, must have Irish connections. Is it something to do with selling Horse Meat or is it saying Little Horse. Do you have a French Querty Keyboard and it is not typing correctly.Wish I was over there Cycling down Western France, Best of Luck.

  3. HI Fergal, thanks for the recomendations unfortunately we didn’t hit Paris as it wasn’t on our route or aithin our budget :[

    Not sure of the Irish connections Jack or Tim : /

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