Where the hell is Uruguay?

 Sunset - Carmello, Uruguay

Ok, so we’ve made it to an internet cafe. We’re currently in a small town in North Western Uruguay called Neuvo Berlin. We’re en route to the waterfalls at Iguazu which are on the Argetine, Paraguayian and Brazilian border. We decided to head through Urguay after meeting a a guy in Buenos Aires who told us that it would make for a nice cycle, so we decided there and then to let the winds of chance encounters dictate our route and headed to the bank to get some Uruaguayian pesos and off we went.

We are glad we did, as have found the Uruguayians to be freindly and welcoming. Yesterday we were invited to lunch by the Bernotti family, after meeting Mr Bernotti on his morning cycle. After a lunch of Milanese Naploitiana, a breaded veal chop covered in tomatoe salsa and mozarella and pasta, rounded off glasses of 12year old Johnny Walker, we hopped onto our bikes and headed off into the evening heat with 50km still to do. Two minutes up the road a Coke delivery van screeched to a halt and the driver hopped out with a big bottle of coke for us as we must have looked like we needed it.

The Previous evening we camped in the garden of another equally welcoming and generous family who gave us a parting gift of Dulce de Leche, a carmel made from milk, and the family’s secret recipe which I’ll post here soon.   

We have been surpised and charmed by Uruaguay and its people, a country that until Tuesday last I new little of. I suppose thats usually the way of things, when you are not expecting anything form something or somewhere you can only be pleasantly surprised.   




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