Simon, Marina and Fearghal, Buenos Aires

One of the main aims of our expedition is to highlight the perfect simplicity of the bicycle and encourage people to use it a little more in their daily lives for transportation, fitness, and for travel. Therefore we’ve tried to convince as many people as we could to join us and share our bicycle oddysey.

Marina Krommenacker was easily convinced, and is the first “revolutionary”. We met her and her little black bike last Sunday in Buenos Aires. She’ll be with us in South America for as long as her legs, lungs and heart can carry her. Marina has the difficult task of being the first to join the expedition. We are getting used to having someone other than eachother consider when planning routes, food etc.  She has fit right in though and is trooping through the mileage, which isn’t easy considering we’ve been doing this for over six weeks now.

To find out more about Marina´s background check out our friends page. She´ll also be blogging about here experience here.

We are asking all revolutionaries to make a contribution to the expedition, Marina developed our education package. She’s also raising cash for the Aware, you can help her reach her target of 1,500 by donating here.

If you are interested in becoming a revolutionary please get in touch.


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