A Guest Post by Marina.

 Marina, skins

This post was written last week but we were unable to publish it as we’ve been “away”  from the internet until today.   


Having just completed my first week of pedalling with the guys, I find myself basking in the Uruguayan sun and heat  trying to recall the past week of events, emotions and adventures. Surprisingly enough, days seem to blend into brief snippets of feelings, food breaks and encounters.

It was great to find a smiley, relaxed and energetic Revolution Team in Buenos Aires, who have surprisingly filled-out a little since I saw them last in Dublin! A mixture of curiosity, anxiety and excitement brewed within me as we were about to launch into the South American phase of the Revolution Cycle expedition.

I was curious to discover Simon and Fearghal’s team dynamic while on the road; and intrigued about whether I would enjoy cycling long distances several days in a row. I was anxious about the team dynamic having to adjust; about the boys getting to know me, and vice-versa, in a full-on travel environment; and I was a little apprehensive that my ‘slightly’ slower pace may frustrate them. Overriding these anxieties, I anticipated the prospects of discovering new cultures and landscapes through the humble medium of cycling.

During the first week the guys were extremely patient, supportive and encouraging. They combine a DIY and team approach at appropriate moments, each member sharing their skills and knowledge.

This past week has been an emotional roller-coaster and physically tough, rising early, eating, cycling, eating, cycling, eating… setting up camp, sleeping and starting over. There are days where the body clicks into work-mode and pedals effortlessly, and others where the legs feel like lead and all you crave is a comfy bed to curl up on.

I’m excited about the next few days of pedalling, before hitting a 1000km straight stretch of road…as I’m really looking forward to dicovering Bolivia by bicycle.

We will be featuring regular posts by the revolutionaries who join us en route. Stay tuned for more from Marina.


One thought on “A Guest Post by Marina.

  1. Veo a Marina posando en un puesto de venta de articulos regionales, ahí se puede comprar pieles de vacunos de todos los colores, tambien de ovinos, además de cítricos aceite de oliva,y diferentes hortalizas en vinagre.
    La carretera que ingresa a argentina desde Salto (Republica Oriental del Uruguay) y ruta 14 (ruta de la muerte porque hay muchos axidentes) está ubicado exactamente este lugar, el comentario es para que sepan donde es el lugar, y tambien para que vean lo expuesto que estuvieron al circular por esa ruta, por suerte no sucedió nada y eso me pone feliz.
    Sigan así, les deseo mucha suerte y espero sea hasta pronto.

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