A Good Year

Good Year


This new year’s eve was a strange one. We stopped in a largish town called Mercedes and due to the accounts of Argentinian New Years Eve celebrations that we’d heard from locals, we were looking forward to a bit of a party. Unfortunately, as with most best laid plans, especially those made on the 31st of December, it didn’t quite turn out the way we hoped. Eventually, we decided to call it a night after a pizza and some local bubbles, as New Years eve in Argentina seemed to be more “quiet night in with your family” than “dancing till sunrise in a club with your mates”. And as our families were on the other side of the world neither options were open to us.

It was also a weird one for myself and Si as we will be on the road for all of 2009. The introspection that Auld Lang Syne usually engenders was absent this year. I tried to feel excited for the opportunities that a new year brings and determined to make resolutions and try to keep them, as is usually the way. But this year the feelings just weren’t there.

I think its because my new year began on the 2nd of November, when I hoped on my bicycle and began cycling around the world with my best mate, that day I made more resolutions and was more excited about what’s down the road than I had for my previous 26 New Year’s. I made a commitment to a dream, and took a chance on something that was, to be honest, a little bit scary.  In a sense, November 2nd is as good a time as January 1st to start over. The important thing is to take stock and resolve to make a few changes once in a while, to keep checking that comfort zone and making sure that you get out of it once in a while.

For me,  365 days on the bike; passing through miles of towns, mountains, rivers, fields or plains each day, meeting new people, looking for food, asking for directions in a language that I don’t understand, looking for somewhere safe to stay each evening, pitching a tent and cooking dinner before sleeping on a new patch of ground, and then to do it all again the day after is too big a thought.

So I don’t think about a whole year, I just think a month or two down the road. Right now I’m not really thinking much farther than Cuzco in Peru. Its much easier that way.

It will be interesting to see how I feel this time next year, when we should be somewhere in central asia, with alot of road behind us.

I hopefully, I’ll still feel the sense of freedom expressed in the video clip below, which has popped into my head almost daily since leaving Greystones 2 months ago. And if I can say that I’m still “getting busy living” I’ll be a more than happy bunny. 

…the feeling of excitement a that only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain…



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