We’ve spent the last few days away from the bikes and doing a little bit of conventional backpacking. On Sunday we left the bikes in Corrientes and bussed the 500km north to the Iguazu Falls. We had originally planned to cycle the 500km detour North, but after 2 days on the Route 14 and several near misses with some blind road train drivers we decided that we’d leave the bikes behind and take the more conventional and safer option. After changing direction and heading West on a quieter road Marina told us that the locals called Route 14 Routa Del Muerte or the road of death, so we know we made the right decision.

Yesterday we visited the Iguazu Falls; the widest waterfalls in the world. It was absolutely spectacular, breathtaking, magnificent and awe inspiring, as you would imagine it might be. We spent the day trekking 15km or so through the national park to view it from as many angles as possible and Si took some nice photos of each one, they can be viewed here

Its been a bit odd being ordinary travellers in touristy environment again. Tomorrow we’ll be back on the night bus to Corrientes where, hopefully, we’ll find our bikes in one piece still locked to the post as we left them.


2 thoughts on “Iguazu

  1. So happy that you guys made it to “cataratas”.

    Not sure if I should mention this. I visited Iguacu Falls in 1974… It was a family holiday.

    Anyway, glad you took the bus as some of the highways in Brazil can be deadly.

    Keep safe and enjoy South America!!!


  2. Hi Simon, it is sure great to see how far yor are all ready keep up the good work, will keep in touch from time to time.

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