On The Road Again

A long open road


Its funny how quickly the mindset changes, a few days away from the bikes; sleeping in soft beds, not eating out of plastic bowls and lying in way past sunrise, and we no longer feel like a cycle tourists. We just feel like a tourists.

We’re literally “chomping at the bit”, to borrow a phrase from my dad, to get back on the road again. A day finished without a sore arse, heavy muscles and salty brow seems like a day wasted. Its hard not to look at a map and think that we should be 500kms down the road.   

So we’ve bought our provisions; loaded up on 5 litres of water each, bought bags of dried biscuits, fruit and oats, Simon has bought a new tyre to replace the pathetic “Michelin City” that lasted less than 2,000km, and we’re ready to go.

The road to our next stop, Salta, is 700km North West. We hope to make it in one go. The road is as straight as a pool cue which suggests that the landscape will be flat and featureless and probably dry and hot. From Salta we’ll begin our assuault on the Andés which is when things should start getting interesting.  

In other news, Marina deserves a little búla bus(applause) for setting the bar for future revolutionaries, covering 145km on Satruday last. To put that achievement in context it was done on a bike weighing 4-5 times that of your average road bike, done after 4 nights of wild camping and four days of cycling similar distances. And at a pace that myself and Si would be happy with, as we took two hours for lunch and were still finished before 6.

Also we’ve caught the attention of the Argentinian media with articles on the trip published in La Provincia and EL Dairio

 Simon’s been signing the track below all day, unfortunately I haven’t managed to capture it on camera so you’ll have to make do with Willie’s version ; )


One thought on “On The Road Again

  1. Hi all that song really sums it all up listening to it from a cold gloomy and windy Ireland keep on trucking hope the muscles wont be too sore

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