Penny Farthing


As we went to leave Eduardo and his cycling buddies in Chajari the other day, it was with great pleasure that we found that one of his friends had bought along his home made penny farthing. It was hand welded, with a radiator hose for the front tyre, and came complete with steps for mounting the dauntingly high saddle. The owner made it look so easy that i thought I might give it a go, after all, how hard can it be?

I´ll let the short video above speak for itself, but suffice to say that, riding a penny farthing is exceedingly difficult.


4 thoughts on “Penny Farthing

  1. fair play si – looks like you could have done with a pair of stabilisers on that thing ! It looks like you’re learning how to ride a two wheeler all over again – very entertaining

  2. Felicito a Simon por tener la valentia de montar esa reliquia tan antigua que data del año 1870, James Sladey de origen Frances fue el inventor y lo llamó velocípedo, y Jesus Casquero construyó una réplica para los dias festivos mostrarla en los desfiles con orgullo a toda nuestra comunidad, solo queria hacer un comentario y al mismo tiempo aprender sobre la historia de la bicicleta, un ivento que revolucionó el desarrolo del transporte y de la humanidad toda.

  3. Gracias Eduardo, for the anglophones out there see rough translation of Eduardo’s comment below;

    “I congratulate Simon for having the courage to mount such as ancient relics dating back to 1870, James Frances Sladey home was the inventor and called cycles and Casquero Jesus built a replica for the holidays show pride parades in the entire our community, just wanted to make a comment at the same time learn about the history of the bicycle, one that revolutionized ivento Site development of transport and all humanity.”

  4. Ha! I think it’s more fun to watch someone try to LEARN how to ride a penny farthing than to watch someone who knows what they’re doing– I think because I could relate better!

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