Iceberg dead ahead!!



The day before yesterday, the inevitable happened and Simon and Myself succumbed to food poisoning. We’ve adopted a laissez faire approach to what we eat, trying not to be too uptight and ignoring the; cooked, boiled, peeled or packaged rule, figuring that if the locals can manage it then so should we. We also hoped that as we left the urban cleanliness of Buenos Aires and gradually made our way to more remote areas and then to Bolivia we’d have the stomach fuana of a Manilla street dog and be able to eat anything.

Unfortunately our iron stomachs weren’t unsinkable and by mid morning it was clear that we were sinking fast. So we made for a port to weather the alimentary storm to come. I’ll spare you the details, as they aren’t pretty, suffice to say that Jackson Pollock’s name, and the word pojectile were used to describe the night’s passings.

Luckily Marina managed to escape, and this helped us to figure out who the culprit was. As Marina didn’t have any ice in her drink at the truckstop that we ate at after our frustrating detour, see below, we reckon that it was responsible. Hopefully, touch wood, we should be inoculated for South America now and it’ll be full steam ahead till Columbia.

Now that our the seas have settled somewhat we’ll be on the road again, heading towards Salta, again. Its 550km so it would be nice to be there early next week, but no predictions this time ; )  

Tonight, we’re off to the circus and no, we won’t be taking ice in our drinks.           


5 thoughts on “Iceberg dead ahead!!

  1. Gooday Simon and Fearghal.That is bad News,How they say Montezuma’s Revenge on the White Man.I have heard bad accounts of People in Mexico ,a couple of Yanks Eating Meat like Burgers that was not properly Cooked and ending up in a bad way with Delirium one Chap was Diagnosed with a Worm in his Brain and it was found that it had Died.He was lucky, these are Deposited in the Intestines and usually Breed and eventually End up in their Hundreds and Work they way up to the Brain with Fatal Results. So watch the Food that you get at these Roadside Takeaways,sometimes Hygiene Facilities are not good. Reminds me of coming Home from the Pubs or Nightclubs and Starving and getting Food off these Roadside Takeaways in Dublin and discovering that the Hamburger or Frankfurthurs are not Cooked to good.How do these People manage for Toilet facilities in Dublin Late at Night,no where to Wash their Hands even.Very Unhygienic,makes me want to be a Total Vegetarian. It is now 4.00am in Morning on 18/1/09 better get to Bed Happy Cycling in South America,Jack.

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