Virgin de la Candelaria


Today we were treated to an amazing parade as it´s Humahuaca (our current towns) local festival. What a feast for the senses it was! The procession began with drummers and panpipes, not a mix I would put together but somehow it works really well. Then there was the carrying of the Virgin Mary, followed by ladies in bright traditional dress, complete with hats, long colourful dresses; and half a dead lamb! The open carcass was held by the feet and swung around merrily. There was also a strange shaker instrument, made with an armadillo on a stick. Feathered dancers and traditionally dressed riders on horseback made up the rear of this unique parade. Check out the photos on the flickr slideshow below.


One thought on “Virgin de la Candelaria

  1. Hi Simon, Fearghal, well done on those lovely photos of the virgin mary festival, that looks like fun if you’re not a lamb or an armadillo. Great colour. how is the biking going? as you’ve no doubt heard, cold and wet here in Cork, no biking these days. Best of luck, fergal carton

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