A series of unfortunate events


Bolivia- Uyuni

The last week hasn’t exactly been the smoothest. The Bolivian roads finally got the better of us on Friday when the swing arm on both myself and Simon’s Bob Trailer snapped within 30km of each other, Simon will post a full report on this and his fun excursion to find a welder later today or tomorrow.

In other news, we’ve spent the last two days commuting from the bed to the little boys and girls room. We had bouts of conventional food poisoning from dodgy llama steaks the night we arrived, I won’t go into detail again. Then when we thought we were over it, we were treated to a more musical dose which kept us up parping all night. Our room must have sounded like a brass band rehearsing, badly.

Unfortunately, it looks like the gastric fortitude of a Manilla street dog is still illuding us. I just hope our stomachs toughen up soon and that we don’t spend the next 12 months until we reach Sicily playing musical chairs ; )

Marina the femme forte is still suffering the effects today, although myself and Simon seem to be on the road to recovery. Hopefully we’ll all be back on the gastric track tomorrow and well enough to check out the Salar, if you’re reading this today or tomorrow check out the autotracker at the top of the page, the Salar is the big white patch.


4 thoughts on “A series of unfortunate events

  1. Howdy all of you, and a belated happy birthday to you Fearghal from all at Bubble Brothers. Looking forward to a good welding story. Guardia? Isn’t that quite a bad one?

    I want to see the map-pin right in the middle of all that salt. Ah go on, go on.

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