The Great Revolution Challenge; Wicklow 200

Salar de Uyuni

Ok, its March, the snowdrops poked their heads out weeks ago and the daffodils are following suite. Its chilly but the end of winter is near. Its time to put that new year’s resolution into action, dust off your bike, lace up you running shoes and blast away those winter cobwebs. Now is the time to commit, to something that stretches you, and start training.

We’ve been pushing now for 4 and a half months, and you’ve been enjoying our hardship, trails and tribulations. Now we challenge you to suffer a little bit for a good cause.

You’ll be glad you did. Attemtping something that takes you out of your comfort zone makes you feels alive. Starting to excercise boosts your confidence, energy and mental outlook. Completing a challenge, or at the very least giving 110% of yourself to something, makes you realise what’s possible. Well at least it did for me : )

Join the Revolution!

We’re calling on people to take part in the Wicklow 200, either a 100 or 200km bike ride through the Wicklow mountains. Raise over 150euro and we’ll give you an expedition T-Shirt on the day.

Register your interest in a comment below.

So will you join the revolution?t shirts

You can buy a revolution t-shirt here.

Get your own revolution sponsorship page here or print a sponsorship form here.

All money raised goes directly to Aware.


2 thoughts on “The Great Revolution Challenge; Wicklow 200

  1. I hope to do it!! It’s pencilled in for ironman training anyway!! Thanks for your comments over on the blog, thankfully the illness is long behind me now.

    I love that photo above. Briliant!!

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