We’re on a break!

Llamas, Andes, Bolivia 



We’ve reached Cuzco, and we’ve decided to take a week off. During which Emma, our next revolutionary will be acclimatising to the altitude, and we’ll be proper little tourists and visit Machu Picchu and some of the other amazing sites in the Sacred Valley.

We’ve also got some maintenance to do, I’ve got to replace my bottom bracket that’s been wobbling since La Paz, and Simon has to replace his rear mech, after his back wheel slipped into a storm drain arriving in Cuzco on Friday night. Luckily there’s a decent bike shop just down the road from where we’re staying so, touch wood, there shouldn’t be any problems getting the bikes back in action and ready for the road ahead.

Currently we’re hotly debating whether to head to the coast to Lima via Nazca, of the famous lines, or to stay in the Andes and on unsealed roads to Huarez. I’m in favour of heading to the coast as I miss the sea : (

So if the tracker at the top of the page is static, don’t worry, it’ll be moving soon enough.

In the mean time, check out our article in last weekend’s Irish Times Magazine and keep your ears tuned to Tom Mc Gurk on 4fm and Abie Philbin Bowan on i105 as we’ll be chatting to them early next week.

And normal service will resume shortly. 



5 thoughts on “We’re on a break!

  1. A well deserved break guys. Mighty jealous of your adventure so far. I would threaten to come visit but it seems you only have girls on rotation 🙂
    In case your guide book doesnt feature such fine establishments you can get a pint of the black stuff at Paddy O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub. Enjoy.

  2. Cheers Andy, don’t worry, unfortunately, we’ll have some boys joining us in Asia, so you’re more than welcome.

    We’re pretty jealous of you and your’s adventures too.

    Paddy’s is already firmly fixed in our Cuzco Geography, they do a mean chicken casserole, and even. Green King IPA and Speckled Hen!

  3. A break is always good…..once taken. always remember the road is long but the race is against yourself and nobody else.

  4. Back roads to Huarez. Beautiful but tough! Also if you reach Trujillo there is a ‘casa de ciclista’ there. He is an excellent mechanic too.

  5. @Richard couldn’t agree more : )

    @Garrett thats what we hear, it sounds like the Cordillera Blanca is spectacular. Unfortunately we’re slightly pressed for time- still the guts of 24,000km left to do till Dublin- so we’re opting for the faster route. Will hopefully pop up to Huarez after Lima though. Any other intelligence on the road ahead is gratefully recieved.

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