Livin in Greystones

Living in Greystones from Reginald Mcloughlin on Vimeo.


While waiting for Marina to get to the top of the never ending qeue at the Police Station, I stumbled across this very odd video. I think it’s a tidy towns promo. It’s got an angsty track over it which isn’t bad. I remember feeling like that circa 1995- the predictable angst of a middle class teenager.

Now, looking at shots of my little town from the other side of the globe, almost 25,000km and 12 months away the feeling is somewhat different. I´d love nothing more than to take a morning walk over Bray head, have lunch in the Happy Pear with Mum, maybe hit some balls in the driving range with Dad and head for an early-bird in the ThreeQ´s followed by pints in Dans with my two siblings.  I know it all sounds very comfotable, maybe even a little boring.  Funny how things change, how distance and time make things more appealing. How you can spend years dreaming of leaving and then once you leave dream of going home. Not that I really want to go home, simply that it looks so attractive fom a far, that distance makes the heart grow fonder and the grass seem greener.


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