Going down, down, down.

Eerie Clouds



Tomorrow we begin the, much anticipated, descent to the Pacific. We’ve been living at over 3,000m since January. That’s been nearly 3 months feeling unfit, like an asmathic with lessened appetite. Up here there is less oxygen so its easier to get out of breathe, stairs are particularly bad for me often I have to stop and have a breather like a granny, sorry gran. Digestion also takes longer with the lower oxygen levels, so its a push to finish what would usually slide down the trap in no time. Lastly, but not suprisingly, our time in the Andes has been plagued with hills? Constantly up, down, and around beautiful peaks unfortunately placed between a and b.

So, as you can imagine, breathlessness and a diminished appetite, and lots of hills don’t really make for the most comfotable cycling. Hence we’ve only managed about 3,000km over the last 3 months.  If we were on a cycling holiday this wouldn’t be a problem, but as we’re doing a circumnavigation we have to cover over 29,000km we’re keen to get going. Anything less than 29,000km and it would be a circumsicion….. badum tish : )  

Seriously though, I’m really looking forward to seeing the sea, getting my appetite back and breathing lungfulls of oxygen rich salty air. Being up here is all to reminiscent of being an asmathic child.

Tomorrow we begin our last climb, up and over 4,000m to our last pass then the road points down for a luxurious downhill when we get to loose over 3,000m in 60km… I’ll bring a spare pair of pants for that one.

On the coast we will have to contend with 40 degree heat, deserts and onshore winds. And, no doubt once there we’ll be longing for the cool andean hills, but for the moment the grass is definitely greener.  

We’ll be mapping our descent using Sanoodi’s excellent SMAP application and our trusty Blackberry.           



4 thoughts on “Going down, down, down.

  1. Make sure you eat slowly – water boils at a higher temperature at sea level so you can’t scoff your fresh-cooked rice at quite the usual high speed!

  2. cheers Al for heads up, will sort it out when i get to a wifi zone so i can use our laptop. not too many internet “hotspots” in the andes!

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