For One Day Only

France- Week 3- Domaine de l'Aujardière

A Bike and Vines in the Loire


On Tuesday the second of November we cross the Equator. This a big occasion for us as it brings us one pedal revolution closer to achieving our goal of circumnavigating the globe by bicycle, as crossing the equator twice is one of the requirements set out by the Guinness Record keepers who’s criteria we’re sticking to. So we’re mucho excited.

On Tuesday the 2nd of June Bubble Brothers will give away 2 bottles of their delicious Tsarine Premium Cuvee Champagne for the price of one, donating 5 euro to Aware for each pair sold. 

Bubble Brothers, our principle sponsors are also pretty excited about it too. So excited in-fact that they’re offering two bottles of this sumptuous champagne for the price of one for that day only, and donating 5 euro to Aware for each pair sold. So that’s two bottles for less than 50euro in the shops or delivered to your door, or the wine lover in your life, for less than 65euro inc p+p. 

This is an opportunity to drink some serious bubbles, to drink a wine that reviewers have been raving about at a very tasty price- you can see what they’ve been saying here. We had the pleasure of tasting this golden nectar when we visited the guys in Cork last November en-route to France. My memory is of a rich and elegant liquid, with a refined, delicate mousse and a sumptuous finish, complex and lingering- of candied fruit, toasted brioche and orange blossom. 

I can recall the flavour vividly, as when things are rough, when food is hard to come by and the comforts of home seem half the world away I go to my happy place and imagine the last sophisticated and complex thing to pass my lips, and to date it has been that wine.       

So pop into the English Market or the Wine Depot if you’re in Cork, or get online here and order a few bottles for your next big celebration and drink a toast with us to excellent wine and adventure and help Aware in the process.


One thought on “For One Day Only

  1. Fearghal,
    You know your 10 year school reunion is on this Friday did Shane Geraghty get in touch with you?

    Secondly I see you will now be passing through Shangers. Well that’s an amazing fundraising opportunity. You should contact the consulate there and I’m sure they’d be glad to throw a reception for you (Any excuse)They have a mailing list for the 800+ Irish working in Shanghai. Also there’s 2 large Irish pubs there full of expats O’Malley’s and the more Irish Blarney Stone (Declan + Dave)So grab a bucket. Shanghai is worth a few days. Derek

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