Gobble gobble gobble

Simon, eating


Pacasmayo – Peru

After a few months of eating dodgy Andean food, including such high altitude delights as slow cooked, gooey pasta, half cooked chips and mushy rice it is to my stomachs delight that the food has got much better down here at the coast. And, even better, my appetite has returned to it´s full capacity having being restricted by the low oxygen Andean environment, which was probably for the better. I thought I´d share with you what grub is required in order to keep our legs spinning nicely, here´s a list of what I ate in one day:

1st breakfast: porridge, cake and crackers

2nd breakfast: lomo saltado (chicken, onion, tomato and chips) and 2 buns

lunch: vegetable soup followed by fish, salad and potatoes

early dinner (street food on arrival): hamburger (with chips in), meat stuffed fried potato, 5 picarones (like doughnuts, but freshly cooked and crispy) with lashings of honey

dinner: minstrone soup, “meat” stew, rice and salad

late dinner (after a couple of beers): 2 big “royal” burgers and chicha morada (sweet Peruvian drink made from purple corn)

snacks during the day: 2 apple empanadas (stuffed pastries, similar to a Cornish pastie), 6 cookies, 6 mini chocolate tarts, 4 green mandarins and an alfahor (dulce de leche/ shortbread sandwich), all washed down with about 4 litres of water that had been warmed in the desert sun.


4 thoughts on “Gobble gobble gobble

  1. wow, im impressed. one days food for me in italy consisted of: half kilo of biscotti, half litre of milk, 3 bananas, 1 500gm crostata tart, half a loaf(1kilo) of bread, an apple, half a packet of spaghetti, 1 tin of corn, 300gms of salami, 1 tin of peas and pesto sauce

  2. Nah, sure you wouldn’t want to be going hungry now, would ya! Well done on the 211km…more than a Tour de France stage, with heavy bike, fat tyres and a trailer…brilliant!

  3. Mmmmm…reminds me of the good old days! Returning to a ‘regular diet’ post-cycling is quite a feat. I still find myself buying gargantuesque portions of food and not knowing where to put it all! On a slighly different note, know that the lady-like manners are slowly returning. Keep it up lads, i miss our cake eating sessions

  4. You’ll enjoy Ecuador – I remember deep fried pork scratchings (giant ones) coming with fried cheese!

    How’s your thinking coming along for Asia?

    Let me know if I can help with anything,


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