two continents down, three to go.

Checking the weight



Done and Done! After roughly 7,500km and 6 months we’ve finished our South American Leg. Regular readers will know that we originally planned to do another 1,000km across the Andes to Bogota in Colombia, but, as you may also have noticed whenever we plan the road usually throws up something unexpected. This time it was a mashed de-railler and hanger which left me with one gear for the last 1,000km, which slowed our progress and left us with less time to sort visas and all important routes through Asia.  With less time than orginally planned, and with one gear through the Andes, the chances of us making Bogota in two weeks time seemed slim, and the chances of making in time to sort our Chinese visas even slimmer.

So, in the face of unpredictable events, we’ve adapted our plans and finished our South American, and southern hemisphere leg at the the logical point: the waistband of the world the equator.

We’re still on-track for our circumnavigation, with over 9,500km cycled since Greystones, there is an unbroken line across Europe to Madrid, and across the South American continent from Buenos Aires to the Equator. Whenever we did have to hitch a lift due to Si’s trailer breaking in Bolivia and my bottom bracket becoming loose in Peru, we headed back to the original point when everything was in working order and covered the distance by pedal power thus ensuring an unbroken line.

The road ahead is begining to take shape, as we plot the next 10,000km from Shanghai to Damascus, with the help of advice from two veterns Paul and Al– cheers lads. Its looking like we won’t be heading through Russia and Mongolia as we couldn’t get visas for long enough. So, instead we’ll be heading across China and then through a collection of the stans into Iran.

 For the moment though, we’re just looking forward to seeing water going down the plughole in the right direction when we get to Bogota ; )


6 thoughts on “two continents down, three to go.

  1. Congratulations lads! Wishing you all the best with the paperwork awaiting you in Bogota. In the meanwhile…melt into those comfy bus seats =), put the legs up & indulge in a much deserved relaxing journey!

  2. Well done lads…now I can open the Champagne I’ve been keeping!

    Enjoy your well earned break…you deserve it.

  3. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the thoughtful gift & note, it was nice to hear from you. I’ve been keeping track of your progress intermittently, glad to see you haven’t gone off the rails or looked like killing eachother so far! Keep up the good work.

  4. Continue to keep ‘track’ of you guys!! You’re are absolutely amazing, my God! ECUADOR!both looking soo good….stamina, power,determination, and a little craziness, keep on going at keeping on going!!! MET BOTH YOUR MUM’S RECENTLY,MAN ARE THEY PROUD!!


  5. Ferg, There’s trouble in Iran after the only world leader with the word “mad” in his name stole the election. There’s rioting all over. Beware. Derek

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