Glenroe and the Road to Quito



For some reason or other the phone network in Ecuador doesn’t like Blacky, our trusty expedition Blackberry which doubles up as our GPS mapper. Blacky’s named after Blacky Connors our favourite character from Glenroe which was filmed a few miles down the road from my folk’s house, this sign is just outside our gate. For any non Irish readers, rest assured that most of Ireland has changed alot since the days of Glenroe, most that is, not all ; )

As Blacky isn’t getting along in Ecuador I haven’t been able to upload our climb to Quito, so I had to do it the old fashioned way, and have just spent a frustrating half an hour grappling with glacial internet ploting our course. 

Starting at almost sea level and finishing two and a half days later the climb was a bit of a slog. Our burning calves and lungs make for interesing viewing at though, where you can see an elevation profile and, which is really cool, they synch the route with geotagged photos on Flickr so can get a feel for the places we passed through.

Visit our Sanoodi page here to see it best.    



2 thoughts on “Glenroe and the Road to Quito

  1. Ferg,

    Im here with Glynner in London and we’re catching up on your adventures. Inspirational stuff. Glynner admires the camera work on those videos and Im admiring the beards. Sporting a vigourous ginger mess on my visage (a la Simon) these days. Will be in touch very soon. Lots of news. Neil

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