Mental Music

Carnival, Salinas de Garcia
Rocking with the locals in Bolivia



My iPod has been broken since Lake Titicaca. One day it just wouldn’t turn on. I hoped that it just needed some space, so I left it alone in my bag for a while hoping that if I gave it enough time to figure things out it would come back to me and work again. Unfortunately that strategy didn’t work, so I had to say my goodbyes and sent off for a replacement.

Being without music was hard at first. Usually, I save it for when I need a boost, maybe after lunch when the legs are cold I’d pop on a bit of something upbeat like the Killers, or at night in my tent I might lash on some Sigur Ros.

After a while, though, I started scrolling through my mental data base while on the bike and reliving tunes by memory. It was interesting which tunes pop up when the body, and some parts of the mind, are distracted by the kinetic mantra of pushing pedals. I suppose, that’s the sign of a really good song, one that breaks through the noise and makes itself heard long after it was listened to. The sign of a great tune, or a catchy radio jingle : )

Here are a few that I was singing while spinning over the last few weeks.

Snoop and Dre- Next Episode

Elton John- Song For A Guy

Foo Fighters- Times Like These


Frank Sinatra- My Way

Also I’m embarased to say that one of the most frequent songs to pop into my head was my old school anthem, I’ll spare you a rendition.


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