Wedding Bells

Series following Simons attempt to climb western Europes highest mountain, Mont Blanc


Villa de Leyva- Colombia

There´s wedding bells in the air, and no, not for me!! My brother is getting married next week in Ireland which is something I definately can´t miss, so next week I fly from home to join in the celebration, leaving Fearghal to relax in the Caribbean. The flights over to China are where it gets tricky. Since one of the stipulations for a circumnavigation is to cover all 24 time zones, I must fly the long way to Shanghai, flying west over Canada and the Pacific, not east as you would normally do.

We´ve had a bit of trouble obtaining our 3 month Chinese visa here in Colombia. After heading straight to Bogota with the sole purpose of sorting out our visas in the embassy there, we were told that you can only apply if you´re a Colombian resident, even though their website said otherwise. So I´ll be taking Fearghals passport home with me, getting a rushed Chinese visa, then sending it over to Colombia before he leaves for China.

With that out of the way, I´ll be able to indulge in my fantasies for at least a little while, having a choice of clean crisp clothes, eating lovely home cooked meals, and chilling out with my friends and family.


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