New Video – Villazon to La Paz, Bolivia


We´ve been having a spot of trouble with our camcorder for quite a while now. It´s been acting more like a stray dog than part of our expedition kit, often choosing not to obey our instructions. Sometimes, when it´s needed most, it decides not to turn on, or else when we are in a position to charge it, i.e. not camping, it feels that it would rather not have electricity shoved up it´s backside. But now, for a short time at least it seems to be behaving itself and I´ve managed to rip the Bolivia footage off it to make into a long overdue video for you all to enjoy.


8 thoughts on “New Video – Villazon to La Paz, Bolivia

  1. Hi Lads, Loved watching the video, brill to see Bolivia, you both will have so many memories after this great adventure how the hell will you settle back in Ireland after this?!! Hey Simon hope the beard goes for the wedding! and Fergal enjoy the Caribbean until Simon returns. Looking forward to the next stage of your adventure and am loving tagging along for the ride. Good luck getting the visa’s sorted xxxx

  2. Hey Guys, love the new video the music is amazing I saw Sigur Ros at Electric Picnic last year and this footage makes it even more special to me now, bring on Peru, Ecuador and Columbia footage!

  3. Hi men,
    nice video i like your style how to take video, i will take some idea. so we are waiting for you in Pekin untill the 8 july, hope to see you, bytheway, you are inviatted in grenoble for the tartiflette…
    we follow the visa hell….

  4. Hi Lads, miss not seeing you on twitter, I think the best thing to do is get a new user name e.g. therevolutioncycle or such like, we will all find you. XXX

  5. Remarkable landscapes you came across there. Did the salt corrode your bikes much? Did you have to keep washing the chains so? Did you get your trailers welded back together?

  6. Hey Fergal, Lovin the updates and impressed by your beard! Can’t believe you made to China already – enjoy the ride home!

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