An end of a beginning



I’ve just come across a great post on Tom Allen’s blog at Ride Earth;Tom reflects on the end of his two years on the road. It struck a few chords with me, as we’ve just spent the last 5 weeks off the bikes and in many ways it feels like we’ve finished one trip, and are about to start another. When we get our visas back we’ll point the bikes west for he next leg to Turkey. Harder, Faster, and Stronger than the two boys who boldly rolled down the mainstreet of Greystones last November. 

In the two years since I left England I have had plenty of time to think about how life on the road has affected me. I don’t remember experiencing any single life-changing epiphany, but when I watch back old videos, or read things I wrote, or think about things I said or did a couple of years ago, the experience is often amusing, and sometimes embarrassing. It’s also interesting to note how similar these feeling are to those of others who have undertaken similar journeys.

I’m far fitter than ever before. I was a below-average athlete in my formative years, unremarkable on the playing field or in the sports hall. But anyone who sets off on a fully-loaded bike is going to ride themselves fit in a few weeks. Fitness is nothing more than the natural response of the human body to the demands placed upon it by its owner. If you need to be stronger, then stronger you will become.

But I’ve found myself looking for bigger challenges as a result, more for to satisfy my own curiosity than anything else. I made someone laugh a couple of weeks ago when I said that my definition of a ‘long day’s bike ride’ was anything over 200km. Even a daily distance of half of that now seems rather casual!…. more

Image Credit: Tom Allen


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