Reading List

Reading List

We’re currently preping for the next leg to Turkey while we wait for our visa extensions ot come through. Today we built up the bikes, I fitted my new  rear de-railler and replacable hanger (thanks Chrisitan from KTM) and I now have gears again… woo hoo.

Along with the technical essentials, like new tights and waterproofs to replace the ones I mysteriously mislaid somewhere between Lima and Bogota, Si also brought some goodies on his return from the green island- Mum sent some lovely Valrhona Chocolate and some great books cheers mum : )

Problem is, I’ve now got way to many books and I can’t decide which ones to ditch. Normally I’m a horder, I’ve still got a whole wall of obscure cook books from my days at the stoves, the other wall of my room is covered with books on wine, I’m not sure if I’ll ever read that book on the lesser known wines of the Loire but I still hang on to it,  so it hurts to let any of them go. When you’re towing your book shelf the titles take on an extra quality,  in addition to considering their merits of interest, reference, and entertainment, there’s also weight as each one represents an additional 200g- hard backs are out of the question.

I’ve been ruthless with my possessions, no towel, minimal clothes, not much else, so I have to be ruthless with the books too. Some have just got to go. But which ones? The joke book? The poetry and short stories and the philosophy that are great for a quick bit of inspiration after a day of monotony? Or one of the novels, that provide entertainment when It gets dark at 7 and theres little else to keep occupied.

The problem is, each book is special. The one’s I’ve aready read remind me of the places I read them, and the fresh un-thumbed copies have so much potential to open up a new view of the world.

Still, something’s got to go…


5 thoughts on “Reading List

  1. Ditto what Evin said, I have a Sony PRS-505. Very handy indeed. Also, there are many, many free books out there.

    Maybe with the Vespa money… 😉

  2. Just stumbled on this site. Best wishes to you. As for the books, ditch anything you have already read. Even if it was something you really liked you can always write the title down and get another copy of it when you return home.

  3. books are best as ideas and memories. Sure they look good on a shelf but honestly be ruthless and ditch the weight, give them to English student or travellers.

    What you got planned for Turkey? I was there for about 5/6 months a few years back arsing around it, mad place, shite roads in the east though and some utterly stunning landscape throughout. I guess you plan to come through Iran and into Van then Black Sea Trabzon? I know its ages away but i may be able to advise a little when needs.

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