The Road Ahead

We are only chasing happiness


China- Xi’an

On Tuesday we join the G312, the road that we’ve been following since Shanghai, and head west again. I’ve been reading an account of our mates Conor, Paul and Mark’s experience on the same road over a year ago. Looks like it will be fun…

He’res an excerpt from Conor’s thoughts on Gansu Province, just up the road from where we are now.

…that night i got into my sleeping bag wearing my full cycling gear as i knew in all likelihood I’d have to get up in the middle of the night.
as the night wore on the winds grew stronger and stronger. and the tent got more and more battered. sleep wasnt happening. the two sides of the tent were being whipped by the wind creating a storm inside tent and beating a tattoo on my temples. nothing to do but lie there in the cold and alternate sleeping on your side for 15m mins till your back gets cold and wakes you from that halfasleep stage and roll back onto you back until the same thing happens with your legs.
then the rain arrived. thankfully it was not too heavy as we were in prime location for flash floods, baked mud being the only surface we could hammer our pegs into. i cant desribe the isolation or that feeling lying in the tent. we could do nothing but lie there and wait for the situation to worsen sufficiently to get us out of the tent and out into the storm. thankfully it didnt and with dawn came action. it took us an hr to get the tents down. the wind had gotten stronger and we were now finding it difficult to stay upright ourselves. we’d have to hitchike. the wind tore the warmth from us as we tried to get a truck to stop, alternating who thumbed on the road and who got to huddle down behind a rock sheltering. after an hr or so an empty bus picked us up.

As their site got hacked by cyber terrorists in the Caucasus, they blogged on Bebo for much of their expedition.
The full account can be read here


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