In Memory of a Friend

Rob Stringer - A Friend


Xi’an – China

I just received the terrible news that my friend Rob Stringer was killed in Tanzania last Friday. He had been volunteering with the Camara charity and was on holidays on an island off the coast. It is believed that he was mugged, as his wallet and shoes were missing.

I suddenly feel really isolated and far away, being unable to pay my personal respects to his family and can’t even post a message on facebook (as it’s blocked here in China), as I understand many others have done.

Rob was a truly great guy, whose smile and cheerful demeanour allowed him to make a friend in seconds. I remember many good times with him, particularly a very rowdy fancy dress New Years party a few years ago.
He will be sadly missed by his family and many, many friends.


4 thoughts on “In Memory of a Friend

  1. What an incredible tragedy – very hard to comprehend – my thoughts go out to his family and all his friends – Rest in Peace Rob

  2. hey Simon,

    thinking of you, and others, who were so unlucky to be far away from home when we got the bad news about Bob. I saw your brothers there at the funeral and thought of you.

    take care! (and many happy returns)


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