Explore 2009


RGS November 2007


In November 2007 myself and Si attended the Explore conference in London. I remember the weekend well, Autumnal Kensington- posh England and slippery leaves.

Attending the conference; listening to the advice and stories of experts and meeting like minded people gave us an enormous confidence boost. It made us realise that what we were planning wasn’t actually that fantastic, and that if we kept working and stayed committed we could see it through.

This year’s line up of speakers looks equally as good, if not better. The weekend is organised by the Royal Geographical Society, and there’s something for the academically inclined and the adventurous alike. There are seminars on expedition medicine, photography, field research, logistics, communications, pr and marketing and more.

There’s also an “Inspire Me!” workshop if you’ve got bundles of motivation but aren’t sure exactly what type of expedition’s right for you.

Its a pity that there doen’t seem to be anything like this in Ireland : (

So book a cheap Ryanair flight and get inspired.

Be careful though, you might wind end up being really inspired and do something like this guy


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