Retrospective: The Dry Run 07


About two years ago myself and Si cycled 1,000km from Aswan to Alexandria in Egypt. It was our first cycle together under “expedition conditions”. Over two weeks in the desert we pushed ourselves hard- dealing with 50 plus degree daily temperature and demoralising headwinds.

It was a baptism of fire- jetting straight to Aswan on Friday evening and up at 4am and pushing pedals through the Egyptian desert on Monday. In many ways tougher than anything- touch wood- that we’ve encountered on the expedition that it was supposed to prepare us for.

We didn’t manage to cycle every inch, being forced by the rozzers to take a bus across 200km of a particularly lonely stretch between Luxor and the Red Sea coast, and flagging down a truck late at night after using the last ounce of our energy out-running a pack of feral dogs.

The expedition made us realise something; that we were stronger than we thought, and with that first small step taken, we could start to dream seriously about the circumnavigation and start to make it happen.

The blogs from that two week juant, written in dusty Internet cafes on Arabic keyboards can be read here. The photos of myself and and a beardless Si can be viewed here


One thought on “Retrospective: The Dry Run 07

  1. Fearghal,

    I haven’t heard from you in ages. I’m off to Shanghai next Tues/Wed for good en famille. Send off Goggins, Monkstown Friday from 9pm (bloggers convention) or Saturday 7-9pm for live gig and match.I’m on 087 222 6042 and

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