State of Play

Speedofile 12,000km


China-Yong Deng

As regular readers will know we’ve had allot of unforeseen setbacks over the last few weeks. I had to head back to Ireland with two hours notice to attend a funeral, we decided to change our route, then realised that we couldn’t so we went back to the original one, and are now seriously pressed for time with visa’s ticking down.

Si is currently about 1,500km ahead of me in XinJiang province. When I went home I had to apply for a new visa but his kept on ticking so he couldn’t wait around. There’s been a little bit of trouble in that province, specifically its capital Urumqi, though this blog isn’t going to talk about it just in case Magnus Frater happens to be reading, and no that’s not my Norwegian Cousin. Because of this unrest there’s a ban on internet and international phone calls so myself and Si will be incommunicado for six weeks or so, until I get to Kazahkstan. I won’t find out if Si’s made it through safely and gotten his Kazahk and Krygistan visas in the 15 days he’s got left on his Chinese visa until I too, hopefully get to Kazahksatn without a hitch.

So things are getting a bit exciting then!

All going to plan, we’ll catch up with each other in Turkey, where won’t be on a strict visa schedule, before Christmas.

In other news, I’m back on the road 100km north of Lanzhou, after an uneventful easy day through the countryside stopping every 25km to massage and stretch my left leg which I had lots of physio on at home . After a day’s riding I’ll tentatively say that it feels good.   


3 thoughts on “State of Play

  1. Hi Simon and Ferg, All these setbacks will make you both stronger and the memories of this amazing trip will even be more amazing when you both look back and WRITE THE BOOK!! Summer has at last arrived in Ireland and according to a New Zealand weather forecaster should last until 17th September!! So all is good for us all. My baby son is getting married on Saturday Yeh!!

    Best wishes and keep safe
    Ann Lane

    PS Its both your fault I am now addicted to Twitter!!! LOL

  2. Looking forward to hearing from you both when you reach the other side of the quiet zone. Presumably you won’t be able to hear us either in the meantime. Good pedalling to both of you, and I hope Simon minesweeps some of those bad drivers before you come along!

  3. Hi Lads,

    Keep on trucking. you’re missing nothing here in the ould sod. The politicians are acting the maggot and we’ve had 3 months of rain. Still, the sun came out last week and I’ve just made blackberry and apple jam so there are gems in life everywhere you look. I must root out the google earth to see the gap between you.

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