Guest Post – One Year on, Marking the Occasion

Pete Evans

Well, it’s been just one year since Simon and Fearghal embarked on what has turned out to be a fascinating, emotional and eventful – to say the least – journey, not least for those of us following the lads through every day and every kilometre through all their trials and tribulations via their brilliant web updates and position reports. Our large school map stuck on the wall at home has so many pins stuck in it that I’m worried about the state of the plaster underneath!

Some of us thought it would be fitting to mark the occasion in some way, so on Sunday 1st November,  fifteen hardy souls dragged themselves out of bed, looked at the rain pouring down outside, dragged the bikes out of the shed and set off on a re-run of the original ‘start’ route from Blackrock to Greystones. The forecast was poor: strong westerly winds and heavy showers.

We all assembled at a damp Blackrock College as before (by kind permission), and set off at 1pm. Miraculously, as we cycled up Mount Merrion Avenue, the sky lifted and the sun appeared. We turned southwards towards Greystones and the wind obligingly turned with us to give a following breeze. Now if that’s not a good omen I don’t know what is!

We cycled happily and in great good humour through a sunny Loughlinstown, Shankill and Bray. Even the slog up Bray Head didn’t seem too daunting any more. There was a wonderful sense of cameraderie, a combined celebration of all that Simon and Fearghal have accomplished. Indeed, many people remarked on the fact that for them, not having cycled for many years, cycling has opened up a whole new perspective on life. So go on, give it a go…you’ll be surprised!

We eventually reached the top of Bray Head and the whole panorama of Greystones and the Wicklow coastline opened up in front of us. A race down into Greystones saw then 60kph barrier broken for the first time by some, though this was of course nothing to compare with Simon’s record!

Kitted out in our Aware tee shirts, we continued the celebration in Dann’s pub in Greystones, where we all raised a glass to the continuing safety and ultimate success of Revoutioncycle. We made a collection for Aware, and even the local stallholders at the county market outside the pub were enthusiastic and helped us raise over 200 euro for this hugely worthwhile cause. 

Can’t wait till next summer’s homecoming spin..better start training!


3 thoughts on “Guest Post – One Year on, Marking the Occasion

  1. Nice blog Pete, brought me back last year’s spin.

    Would kill for a pint or few of the black stuff in Dan’s they always taste better after they’ve been earned too.

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