Christmas Itinerary



A quick update on our plans for the next few weeks.

Myself and Si have been staying with our kind hosts Mohamed and Atefeh in their lovely apartment in Mashhad for the last few days.  They’ve been truly spoiling us, and we’ve been sampling the heights of Iranian cuisine and hospitality as guest of them and their friends and family. We met through . If you’ve never couch surfed, you should.

Tomorrow we leave for Tehran, hoping to make a beeline for Tehran, about 850km west, where we’ll stay for a day, then head to Tabriz 600km North of Tehran. We’re burning through Iran with Yerevan in Armenia, another 500km from Tabriz, as our destination because we’ve been invited to spend Christmas with Tom.

Once again our schedule is tight, we’ve about 20 days to cover about 2,000km but the prospect of good food and company is a big spur. Its going to be another three weeks like the last three from Tashkent I’m afraid, and apologies in advance if the blogging isn’t up to the usual standards.

To get to Tom’s for Christmas will require a big, big push, with several snowy passes between here and there. Also, we’ll have a postal address if santa’s reading and fancies popping some Christmas cheer in the post for two Irish boyos- a bottle of Powers 12 year old and a couple of packets of kimberlies would be gratefully received ; ) Get in touch and we’ll send you our details.

Unfortunately, Flickr is blocked in Iran for some reason, hence we haven’t been able to upload photos from Turkmenistan yet, and won’t be able to pop any more up till Christmas. So this it will be all about the text for the next few weeks.

Both myself and Si are really looking forward to getting back on the road as a twosome again. And I’ll be honest and say after my little incident I’ll be glad of the company. The pulse still quickens a bit at the sound of a two stroke engine. Though I’m sure a few days and I’ll back to my usual self.

Tonight our hosts are taking us to their friend Said’s birthday party… cool!


6 thoughts on “Christmas Itinerary

  1. So glad your back together lads, enjoy Iran and safe journey to next place, safety in numbers and such like, onwards and upwards! Respect!!!!!! xxxx

  2. Glad you’re ok after the knife thing and just wanted to wish you both an incredible Christmas and New Year 2010. Next to everyday folk I think you’re already living it about as good as it gets but even so, hope Santa sends you lots of nice ‘fings xx

  3. Ferg,
    Great to hear you’re unscathed after that little escapade in the world’s most moral country. Just don’t get separated again, and you might also acquire a couple of car radio ariels on your way. They make handy improvised weapons which you can whip out when outnumbered and the’re perfectly legal.

    Anyway stay safe and godspeed to yerevan.

  4. BTW, I think you referred to drug addict muggers back home. Yes, there are quite a few, but there are a few more where you are. I recently read online a reliable quote from the Iranian ministry of Crack heads that there are officially 1,000,000 opium addicts in the world’s most moral country, out of a population of 70 million. I can guarantee you that 99.9% of them are blokes. That means that 1/35 blokes you meet is an addict and will rob your bike, given half a chance. Watch your ass out there and don’t get seperated or drunk or the moral police will intervene. And dont think that Azerbaijan, Turkey, Greece or Bulgaria will be much of an improvement. Germany is the first place to relax. A nobel prize awaits you guys and an honorary joint ambassadorship to the island of Lesbos. Just stay safe and sound. Think of the prize.

  5. Left it longer than usual to check your website, so I’ve only just picked up on your horrific experience last week, Ferg. I suppose a challenge like the one you two took on has to have its really bad moments, but still… Anyway take care of yourselves together again, and I hope the road rises with you for the next couple of weeks, making it possible for you to have a great 2nd Christmas away in Yerevan. All the very best to you!

  6. Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to wish you both a very happy Christmas after a pretty eventful couple of months. Hope you get to mark it in a nice way, you deserve it!
    Have a good one and take care,

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