Tabriz – Iran

We’re sitting in a superheated internet cafe in Tabriz, it’s raining outside and the temperature is dropping as winter sets in. As we’re trying to get to Armenia for Christmas, been pushing hard since Mashad, covering about 1600km in the last 12 days and climbing over a few snowy 2500m high passes. The thought of sharing mince pies and whiskey with fellow cyclist Tom has spurred us to cycle into the night on many occasions and we managed to do a decent 190km day despite the dwindling daylight hours and our ever hungrier stomachs.

Since the festive season is upon us, we’ve been singing (badly) many a Christmas carol, with lots of humming of the bits we’ve forgotten, and being punctuated with deep intakes of breath as we lug our laden sleds (quite like Santa’s, except we’re the reindeer) across Iran.  

This time last year we were in Uruguay, in 30 degree sunshine eating the incredible parillas (mixed meat BBQ) and munching down many loaves of Panatone (Uruguayan Christmas mixed fruit bread). We also sang a very bad version of Merry Christmas and in the spirit of giving, I though I’d dig out this old video for your amusement. And from Fearghal and myself, we wish all our followers a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  


2 thoughts on “Recycling

  1. Hi Simon and Feargal, Its hard to believe this is your 2nd Christmas on the revolution cycle, how time has flown!!

    Happy Christmas and a peaceful and safe new year to you both.


  2. Hi there friends! It’s such a pity that you are leaving by tomorrow. I really enjoyed the time we had together though you could not see much of Tabriz because of the weekedns, Thursday and Friday. I hope next time that you are visiting Tabriz or Iran we can find an opportunity to visit the places that you missed this time. Today I rented a car together with a driver to take us to a beautiful place with his car but then you were gone when I arrived at home. Such a pity! I hope we had some facilities in our flat to serve you with the things that are required for Christmas or so.

    Anyway, these 2 cyclists may have a rough day for tomorrow trying to cover around 140 km to reach Jolfa. Let’s hope them a safe trip.

    ‘Friends of a feather ”FLICKR” together.’ Hanif
    ‘ I n unity c y c l i s t s s t a n d united ! ‘ Hanif
    ‘Cyclists of the world unite – you have nothing to lose but your chains.’ Rod

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